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2014 June 6 - LandRaider (Armored Light Car)

"LandRaider" modeling, mipmapping, texturing of all maps, drive animation, etc... completed, and here is some screen shots from the game.
The vehicle looks good from all angles, but in the game it will be visible most of the time from top. So my mission was to create it as light (low poly) as possible when looks good from far top.

In total vehicle weight 1.5K vertices inside game engine, including smooth groups, UV and model itself. Assault Tank was 700 vertices all included, this is almost twice less, but even for mobile game 1.5K or 700 will not make any difference if shader done right and not too heavy. For this vehicles I created pretty light shaders with specular and diffuse maps only, when most of the work done on vertex level, and only the first directional light processed inside fragment function.

Here is a video of the vehicle inside the game (watch it in HD).
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2014 May 27 - New LandRaider Design

Here is a few images of a "Land Raider" (Fast and Light Vehicle) design. The idea was to create Low Poly model that will run on Mobile, and will look good from top.

It is work in progress and not a final version.

2014 May 15 - Finishing new vehicle creation pipeline

2014 April 25 (Working on new vehicle creation pipeline)

Eventually I decided to recreate vehicles from scratch. In the upcoming version I will add 3D vehicles instead of 2D sprite taken from an old game.

The idea was to create a tank that looks good from top and far away in variable distances.

In order to keep visual quality of the game in the highest level I created Hi-Poly mesh, that was then baked into a low poly with projection for high quality Normals and Ambient Occlusion. Than diffuse and specular maps was created.

Tomorrow I will start working on PBS (Physical Based Shaders) using Shaderlab and CG shader language. The game will run on forward renderer in order to support mobile platforms. I am also planing to use IBL (Image Based Lighting) for best results.

And next is emission map for light Efx with SIN animation inside shader, and same for moving tracks animation.

Unfortunately SSAO camera effects, have to many artifacts and might be slow for mobile. So I used few tricks to emulate AO between separate objects, should work fast even on mobile.

Here is a few images of a new Assault Tank close by the old one.

2014 April 2 (Build 33)

Most of the changes was in the core engine and networking, also few graphical changes added. Due to this changes in networking, the previous version is not working, so please update. Now it is also possible to cross platform play in real time, i.e. PC with Android Tablet.

Please download latest version from Game Download Page

Right now I am working on more advanced vehicle system, here is a few images of work in progress.

2013 October 5 (Build 31)

Finally I found some time for GO2

Download Installer \\ GLORY ONLINE 2 | Build 31

2012 October 1 (Build 29)

Didn't had much time to work on it last two weeks, but here it is, ready for you.

Run \\ GLORY ONLINE 2 | Build 29